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澳门电子游艺网址:42 fund companies were short-listed bank transactions 300

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内容摘要: Yesterday, the National BankbetweenFunding Center announced strong 2017 year 300 bank currency market transactions, including banks, broker...

Yesterday, the National Bank between Funding Center announced strong 2017 year 300 bank currency market transactions, including banks, brokerage firms, fund companies, trust companies, finance companies and other financial institutions and 42 fund companies short-listed.

Some of the listed fund companies continued their outstanding performance in recent inter-bank domestic currency market transactions. According to the 2016 comprehensive assessment of inter-bank local currency market, there are 10 fund companies in the selection results. Specifically, E Fundrai, ICBC Credit Suisse, Huaxia Fund won an Outstanding Dealer Award, and Jianyin, GF, Celestica, Southern, BOC and Castrol entered the list of active traders. It is learned that all of the 10 2016 inter-bank market-awarding companies were all listed in the 2017 Top 300 Interbank Market Transactions. Among them, E Fund, ICBC Credit Suisse, Huaxia, Celestica, Jian Xin, Jiashi and other fund companies all kinds of fixed-income assets in the industry-leading scale, the volume of transactions in the inter-bank market has been able to and comparable to some banking institutions.

In addition to the above 10 companies, the remaining 32 fund companies, 8 are bank fund companies, investment, cross-bank Schroder, Minsheng plus silver and other companies; trust of 6, including companies such as Dacheng, Zhongrong ; Insurance Department of the company, for the longevity security; In addition, there Yinhua, rich countries, Bo, Xingquan, Huitianfu, Huaan, and other 17 companies.

According to the overall situation of the fund list, the proportion of fund companies continued to increase except for the non-disclosed list of 2016. Among the top 100 in 2013, the top 100 in 2014, the top 200 in 2015 and the top 300 in 2017, the fund companies accounted for 5%, 7%, 8% and 14% of the total respectively, showing that fund companies with large-scale companies The trading position in the interbank market is on the rise.





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